“Active citizenship, solidarity, volunteering, career development, social responsibility, youth fund, support, cooperation, sustainability. A unique concept, well known globally, a powerful tool for solidarity and social responsibility, which unites all young people with one goal. A day when you will gain experience for the job you have always wanted, while at the same time engaging in the community to enable a better position for the youth in the country.”


Sounds amazing right?
This description captures the bigger picture of Social day. But what is really Social day?
The idea is simple, young people replace one day at school for a job of their choice, i.e 500 young people donate part of their time and their pay check for the day, for youth projects in their country. The purpose of Social Day is to establish solidarity among young people during their school days, to inspire active citizenship and social development led by young people, it is an influential tool that provides access to political education and creates a fund for youth initiatives.

What is the implementation process?

1. Recruiting young people who want to spread the idea of Social day.
At this stage we are creating a team of 20 young promoters who want to promote solidarity and activism among their peers. They go through a one-month training process where their communication and presentation skills are developed, their activist and volunteer spirit are encouraged, while in the meantime they are working as a team that will work to promote solidarity and activism among the youth in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

2. Social Day promotion campaign.
Throughout the program, a campaign is conducted to promote the idea and values of the day, why we do it and how it is useful for young people. The whole process is implemented through social networks, but after the training of young promoters, the campaign is expanded with additional peer to peer promotion that allows young people to properly choose the desired job for Social Day.

3. Cooperation with companies and institutions
During the campaign for young people who will join the day, collaborations are concluded with companies and institutions that want to improve the situation of young people and fulfill their social responsibility. Throughout the process we work with them and create strategies for how they will provide jobs.

4. Social Day
Finally comes the day that everyone is waiting for, in 2021 it is November 10, the day when young people go to work instead of school and donate their daily paycheck to the fund for youth initiatives. But it does not end here.

5. Youth initiatives
In the meantime, while you are preparing for the new job or preparing the office for the young person who will come to your company, we open a call for youth initiatives that will aim to improve the situation of young people in the Republic of North Macedonia. Through the open call together with the members of Youth Can we can choose at least 3 youth initiatives that we think will contribute the most to improving the position of young people in our society.

Concluding thoughts 

Through the implementation of Social Day, NGO Youth Can wants to see engaged communities, cooperation between government institutions, civil society organizations and the business sector, support from parents, peers, teachers, youth workers and career workers who create enabling and supportive environments for young people.

We believe in young people who think globally but act locally, young people who have developed a sense of solidarity, young people who invest their time to improve the situation in their community, young people who believe in a sustainable world.

Join us on 10th November!

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