SINet Events

Get participation in 4 events hosted by 4 organizations in 4 countries.



Community Forum: European Citizens Needs

Predicted Date: 08-10 September 2021

Type of Activity: Community Forum

Venue of the Event: Palermo, Italy

Number of Participants: 25-50​​



Public Debate: Solidarity, Civic Actions and CSOs as a tool for Social Impact

Predicted Date: 06-08 October 2021

Type of Activity: Public Debate​

Venue of the Event: Madrid, Spain​

Number of Participants: 25-50​​



Training Course: Social Innovations seen as Opportunities for better Social Impact

Predicted Date: 16-18 March 2022

Type of Activity: Training Course​​

Venue of the Event: Sibenik, Croatia​

Number of Participants: 25-50​​



Conference: Digital Civil Society

Predicted Date: 15-17 June 2022

Type of Activity: Conference​​​

Venue of the Event: Ohrid, Macedonia​​

Number of Participants: 25-50



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