Youth association ‘Youth in the EU’, 

Sibenik, Croatia

Youth in the EU

“Youth in the European Union” is a non-governmental, non-profit youth association established on 19 October 2008, in Sibenik, founded as a place where young people gather, share their ideas and thoughts and jointly improve the quality of life of young people in the area and its surroundings. The Association promotes the values of the European Union, organizing leisure time for youth, giving legal advice and information to young people, including young people interested in the development of civil society, driven by the wish to improve the conditions of youth and community, the fight against all forms of addiction, encourages volunteerism and volunteer initiatives, the development of social entrepreneurship, etc. Our aims are: promoting the rights of young people and supporting young people, promoting the values of the European Union, raising the level of information of young people, encouraging the development of social entrepreneurship, promoting human rights in the Republic of Croatia and the EU, and help protect the basic human and civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law, encouraging the development of civil society, encouraging volunteerism.

Youth Association “Youth in the EU” since its beginnings with its work and engagement tries to develop and promote volunteerism among young people, but also among other members of the community in the town of Sibenik and the Sibenik – Knin County. Through previous work, the Association has successfully implemented a number of civic initiatives (“Preserve playgrounds”, “Preserve our Sibenik”, “Even Islands are Croatia”, “Activate the community”, and the new citizens’ initiative “Drniš volunteers!”) and projects (“Discover the entrepreneur in you”, “We can do it”, “Youth Club ENTER”, “POINT – Info center for youth”, “What is media
literacy”) through which the Association has acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to strengthen the role of civil society in Sibenik – Knin County for their active contribution to balanced socio-economic development. 

For this project, we will act on behalf of the Municipality of Sibenik. Both entities have a long-term collaboration on various projects.

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Official name of the organization: Youth association ‘Youth in the EU’

Location: Sibenik, Croatia


Role in the project: Associated Partner

Acts on behalf of: Municipality of Sibenik

Contact person: Mr. Martin Mrša

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