Social Innovation Network

SINet aims to explore, stimulate, debate and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within the European society. 

About SINet

Technology continues to change the ways in which we live our lives, allowing us to do things from banking in the comfort of our homes to video calling our friends across the globe, and it is important we continue to think of ways in which it can help to solve society’s most complex issues.

Technology offers unlimited opportunities to build on the admirable efforts of civil society to tackle marginalized communities, and this project aims to support the growth of this movement.

“SINet” aims to explore, stimulate, debate, and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within European society.

​The project is funded by the EACEA Europe for Citizens Programme.

SINet Blog

People from around Europe gathered to present you information and resources about social innovations, European solidarity, community fundraising, digital transformation of the nonprofit sector, and other tools for sustainable community development.


SINet Donors

The project Social Innovation Network is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.