From 16-18 of March 2022 the municipality of Shibenik and Udruga Mladi EU hosted the Training: Social Innovations seen as Opportunities for better Social Impact, within the Social Innovation Network – SINet Project, led by Poraka Nova from North Macedonia, in partnership with Spain Solidaridad Sin Fronterar, Italy Unione degli Assesosorati and Udruga Mladi EU, Croatia and funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.

SINet aims to explore, stimulate, debate, and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within European society. The training course that is held is Shibenik will give key insights of what Social Innovation is, and will give a methodology and examples what actions can be done on a European level. Local and international participants through interactive sessions and group work discussed about the ‘Bubble hopping capacity’ as a precondition to cross sector partnerships and Building the dialogue capacity. Additionally, the program is led by experienced trainer which covered important topics such as: concept of social innovation, dialogues on social economy, responding to challenges as they emerge, how technology can serve of SDG’s and explore world good practices examples.

On the first day after the welcoming and introductory part, all participants reflected on the past work and shared the intentions of this training. Through interactive sessions and group work the participants discussed about the ‘Bubble hopping capacity’ as a precondition to cross sector partnerships and Building the dialogue capacity. 

During the second day participants had fruitful discussion and useful group work.  Some of the topics that we covered today were:

✅the concept of social innovation,

✅dialogues on social economy,

✅recognizing social innovation in existing (already established) businesses,

✅responding to challenges as they emerge,

✅understanding working with diverse extended teams.

All participants also had great insight on how technology can serve of SDG’s and explore world good practices examples.

The third day was reserved for mapping the potential to focus on – narrowing down potential solutions, the participants learned about vertical prototyping canvas – creating individual vision for possible prototypes. Additionally, gain knowledge as well on prototype social innovation, afterwards participants had time for reflection and group dialogues.

The event was finalized with a visit to co-working space in the town.

Big thanks to everyone involved, the hosts and partners from Croatia, Udruga Mladih EU, the municipality of Shibenik, and the partners from Italy Unione Degli Assessorati, Spain Solidaridad Sin Fronteras and the project leader PORAKA NOVA, from North Macedonia.
Below you can check out the photos and read the participants testimonials who shared their experience about this event regarding what are their personal impressions along with what was most useful from this training.
 It was a very enriching experience. The training was facilitated by a very engaging professional, we learned and reflected on new concepts. It was a very inspiring experience. The most useful part for me was the work in pairs and groups with subsequent reflection with the rest of the group. We had the opportunity to listen to different opinions and experiences of participants regarding their working contexts. – Guadalupe Murillo
My personal impressions regarding this training couldn’t be more positive  because it included a good balance between theoretical concepts and practical exercises. Furthermore, it was delivered in a very engaging way.  The most useful part of the training were the exercises in which we had to apply the theory previously taught. Furthermore, I see the potential to apply it across multiple fields. In particular, I learnt a new methodology that I will be able to apply to my personal field of research. – Jose Vega
The idea of a trip, in a “hot” period for Europe, has unintentionally aroused great tensions and doubts on what to expect and how to experience Sinet’s appointment in Croatia.  The difficulty of the intercultural relationship, overcome by the humanity of the young people who took part in the workshops. The sense of inadequacy chased away by the clarity and understanding of the trainers and organizers.
Introspective activities, never banal and always punctual in dealing with current events, aiming at the generativity of processes.
The welcome was engaging. Punctual organization. All this has allowed relationships to be born and nourished also and above all during breaks and in convivial moments. I carry with me the crumbs of reality that we shared, seasoned with smiles and disturbances that showed passion that animated the days. Furthermore, the ways of thinking and knowledge, their professions and their interests are a starting point, for me, for research and in-depth analysis, of the subject as well as the relationship itself. Social innovation, can be considered the process that every human being must become aware of, is a spontaneous movement that we need. I hope that the Croatian experience was not the first and the last, for my personal and professional growth. Believing in something that unites us, in the Europe of social work, to build a future of awareness for citizens, citizens of the world! – Marco Mogavero
Great city, great training, people and venue, and at the end all that water in Krka. All of this elements contributed to mindful, and learning from within perspective. I am very grateful. Training itself was insightful, playful and deep. Most useful parts for me were learning about the bubble concept; presence in listening; 3d maping… But the training was very holistic so you cannot divide the parts. Super seminar. – Kristina Todoroska Petreska
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