“Palermo-Italy will be the destination where the first international conference of the project SINET: Social Innovation NETwork will be organized on 9th September 2021 at the University of Palermo”.

Our first international conference titled as “Community Forum: European Citizens Needs” will be held at the University of Palermo, Faculty of Economics (Aula Magna – building 13) on 9 September 2021, from 9:30 am. The aim of the event will be to deepen European practices in the field of social innovation, promotion of solidarity and European collaboration, with the opportunity of sharing ideas and opinion.

The meeting will focus the attention on the themes of Social Innovation, feeding the debate on the evaluation of citizens’ needs and services to citizens; during the event it will be possible to share ideas and thoughts on the needs and problems that communities, especially rural ones, in Europe are facing, also understanding the possible solutions and recommendations adopted at European level in the countries involved. The event will take the form of a “Forum”, with presentations and group activities.

The event will be attended by 9 representatives of the project partner organisations (PORAKA NOVA, Unione degli Assessorati, Solidaridad Sin Fronteras and Udruga Mladih EU) and will be open to 30 participants.
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